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Referrals are the Highest Compliment

Perhaps you know of a business that is getting ready to relocate or close, is downsizing, or about to relocate. We have great success in converting referrals into online sales! Our referral fees are based on a percentage of our fee from the Seller and can earn you from several hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars! We are discreet and professional in all of our inquiries.


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    Why Choose Farmer Auctions?

    We Have Sold Everything

    Well, almost everything. Most anything can be sold on Farmer Auctions Online; portable classrooms, automobiles, buses, heavy equipment, shop equipment, kitchen equipment, athletic equipment, musical instruments, computers, printers, furniture, etc, etc. It’s amazing! Almost everything listed sells, no matter how old or how odd.

    Proven Sales Techniques

    Based on experience, agencies using Farmer Auctions have increased total net revenue of surplus sales by at least 30%, and in some cases, exceeding 200%. Our cornerstones of service and delivery are low impact for clients and achieve maximum results.

    Having sold millions of items for thousand of clients we have the track record to deliver for your company.


    From Fortune 1000 to public agencies to individual small businesses we have serviced just about every type of company.

    The low impact and flexibility of the internet only sale affords Farmer Auctions the ability to provide an infinite number of solutions customized to the unique requirement of our clients. We can accommodate everything from seller-supervised liquidations all the way to turn-key Farmer Auctions-managed liquidations.

    Industry Leaders

    Founded in 1989, Farmer Auctions mission is to provide auction services and asset recovery to the estate and business communities. Transforming from a traditional outcry “live” auction to Internet only in 2011, Farmer Auction has combined the benefits of traditional liquidation techniques and the efficiency, affordability, and power of online auctions. Today, Farmer Auction is a market leader in Internet-only event-based auctions while honoring its legacy of innovation and continuing its heritage of high quality service.


    We are pioneers in the internet only space which allows maximum participation and 24/7 availability of your assets. Our system increases the contact between a business or agency and the community it serves. By being accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week Farmer Auctions allow a larger percentage of the community to take advantage of our seller’s events.

    Respect for Stuff and Its Owner

    We take our responsibility to sellers and buyers very seriously. Farmer Auctions brings incredible stuff to our buyers which brings our qualified buyers to our sellers. This unique ecosystem of buyers and sellers has grown from a couple in 1985 to tens of thousands today. Our respect on both sides of the equation has led to the successful sales of millions of items and thousands of satisfied buyers.

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