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Auction Answers: Credit Cards

Coming up, we will be doing a few installments of Auction Answers to common customer questions (phew, that is a lot of alliteration!). Today’s answers are to questions about your credit card.

We know that when you are dealing with credit cards it is important to be as careful and efficient as possible, so here are a few simple

answers to make sure your online buying experience is as easy as possible!

  1. What is the $100 deposit and how do I get it back?

The $100 “charge” you see on your account when you bid on our auctions is not actually a charge at all. Our system just checks to make sure it is there, and the credit card you have on file is valid. After that, your bank determines how many days or hours it is until the authorization falls off of your account. Don’t forget, this happens for EACH auction that you bid on, so if you are actively bidding on three auctions, there will be three $100 authorizations.

      2.   What if the card I registered with isn’t the card that I want to pay with?

When the sale is over, we automatically charge your card on file. It is best to register with the card that you plan to charge your purchases to.

If you don’t, here is what you need to do to update your information. Make sure you do this WELL before the close of the auction.

Auction Answers

  • Enter your bidder number and password and hit Begin.

Bidding update profile

  • Then you will enter the screen where you can update your bidder information.
  • Once your information is updated, check off I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AUCTION
  • Click Update Bidder Profile.

That’s It!

3.  My credit card has been charged, but I didn’t get my invoice. What happened?

Your invoice is most likely in your spam folder, especially if you have an AOL email account. Search for the subject line: Auction purchases – Invoice

We also send out removal reminders that can get grouped with your invoice in your e-mail, so make sure you don’t print those out when you come to the removal. The paper that you need to bring says Invoice at the top and has an itemized list of your purchases.

If you have any other customer questions just comment on this post and we will be sure to answer them! Let us know if these answers helped you out and be sure to stay tuned for more common customer questions!

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