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3 Ways to Win at Online Auction

Here are 3 Tips for Winning What you Want at Online Auction

1. Maxbid has a great feature called the maxbid. The maxbid is the column next to your actual bid where you can place the maximum amount that you are willing to bid up to for a particular item. When you place a maxbid, the system will bid on your behalf in the specified increment for your item. You do not always reach your maximum, and the system will only place your bid when someone else also bids on the item without outbidding you. Placing a maxbid helps you win financially by helping you to not exceed your budget and allows those of us who are super busy to “set it and forget it” and not have to watch our items to see if we get outbid.

2. Don’t Always Go for the Obvious

Looking for exercise equipment? Check estate online auctions. Looking for a T.V.? Check restaurant online auctions. Looking for a boat? Yep, there is one in a catering online auction. Don’t count an auction out because of its headline! All you have to do is scan through the drop down at the top of each auction to see a list of all of the types of items (and how many there are) in the sale. This allows you to start bidding on that like new elliptical or iMac that not many other people realize are even in the auction! Less competition for you always helps you to WIN what you want! And at your price!

3. Check Out the Goods

When it comes to our online auctions, what you see (and read in the description) is what you get, and most of the time you get it for a great deal. Unlike Ebay and other online auction sites, we give you the chance to go check out the goods prior to purchase. When you want to buy items like technology and vehicles, we strongly encourage a trip to the auction preview. Rev up the engine, turn on the computer and check out the monitor, and go plug in that microwave. You will win by knowing for yourself exactly what you are getting, how it works, and exactly how much you want to spend on it. Not to mention, you get to check out the location prior to removal and possibly even find some hidden gems in person!

Let us know how you win at online auctions!

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